Plusdial track


World pioneer

Plusdial, as world pioneers the mobile ticketing, have seen the changes and different phases of the continuously developing field. Lessons have been learned and the best solutions taken in use together with professional long term PTC customers in several countries.

Plusdial started with SMS ticketing in 2001. Our public transport customers have already sold over 200.000.000 tickets since then.


Flexible mobile ticketing service platform

Currently SMS ticketing has still its strong position in the service portfolio, but Plusdial have a total mobile ticketing service platform to offer - to use of PTCs but also to application providers, Maas operators, ..

Platform means simplicity from PTC's point of view but also from other service providers' point of view.

 Different ticketing and travel planner application providers and MaaS operators can easily join the service with own offering, utilizing desired payment methods. And still, the proven ticketing platform stays the same from PTC point of view: tools and functions for customer care personnel, inspection tools and support functions and large set of reporting and marketing campaign functionalities are the ones that have been developed together with PTC customers over the years.

End customers can freely choose the mobile ticketing option they prefer. Naturally, the PTC is free to choose which purchase options to offer.

Customer satisfaction

We are proud of our performance: we have always got the highest scores in customer satisfaction surveys. And, not only that, but our customers, PTCs, have got very high scores in end customer satisfaction surveys when it comes to mobile ticketing!

Please contact us if you wish to know more and gain from our experience.